Encourage Them To Stay More

Any business that has a website understands the challenges involved with retaining visitors. One related issue concerns increasing the time visitors stay on the site. There are quite a few factors that contribute to both of those visitors behaviors. Your unique results will be based on what you know concerning site stickiness plus several other things. You can quickly find at least a dozen diverse aspects of your site, and each will play their part in this process. You could simply get going with site testing by doing the simple split test. Optimizing your site for the stickiness component is one thing we think most small businesses fail to do, properly.

Any new person who lands on your site will make a brutal decision in mere seconds. The end result will be whether that person keeps browsing or not, and that is merely how it is online. The most essential area of your homepage is located in what is termed the ‘above the fold’ area. Anytime anyone arrives on your site, that will be observable to them, first. So to begin with, you need to make sure people know what your site is related to in that area identified as, above the fold. You can put your unique selling proposition, USP, above the fold and you really should. People will not stay long if they are unclear why your site even is present, so make sure you let them know right away. You have to allow your subscribers to understand what it is about with out them having to try to speculate.

Understand that your site has but two or three seconds to create a positive impression on a person. That is a natural part of the situation on the net, and there’s absolutely nothing to be done about that part of it. The location on your site that’s above the fold on your home page is of specific value. Whenever anyone shows up on your site, that will be observable to them, first. So first of all, you need to make sure people understand what your site talks about in that area identified as, above the fold. If you have a branding declaration about your site, then that will be best to have on your home page. You never want to make people scroll to discover what is happening or what you have to offer. You have got to let your visitors understand what it is about without them having to try to guess.

You should end up with a small set of color options, and then only use other colors that will work well with the primary group. Yes, that will make a big difference with how people feel about your site. Ask yourself common sense questions like what do the people in your market like as it concerns your business. If your market is full of crazy energy then your colorings can enhance that aspect. However if the opposite scenario exists, then obviously you do not want to work with colors that induce feelings of high energy. There are psychological effects of colors, and you need to know about them and use them intelligently.

Judgments will be made about your site in just several seconds. You can usually test putting some kind of eye catching graphic that will capture attention, right away, and help to get people interested. The intention here is to get them to look at it and hopefully gather some attention energy. After that, make certain you have compelling information related with it. Regardless of what method you use, with or without a picture, just be very sure you get their attention. You also need to be proper and create curiosity and the desire to uncover more information. Hopefully you will see that each minute longer they stay, the better chance your site has to build a better impression. All of these techniques can work very well if you apply them properly.

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