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Many small businesses and entrepreneurs are now outsourcing their administrative duties. Dynamic Support Services is your viable option for today’s technology, administrative work is a integral part of a thriving business, as is marketing and maintaining relationships with clients. Yet it can be a daunting task to handle everything successfully. Dynamic Support Services is here to help you.

  • Website Updates and Maintenance
  • Customer Service and Sales Support
  • Organize meetings, seminars, and events
  • And much much more
  • No overhead
  • No down time or training expense for specialized skills
  • Ability to keep your projects on schedule without paying overtime
  • No agency fees as with temporary employees
  • No payroll, vacation or sick time wages
  • No costly Turnovers.

Trusted by customers worldwide.

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Dynamic Support Services
is 100 % productivity

since you are only paying for the time that is worked


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Jeune has done a great job in managing my demanding travel schedule and maintaining my constantly changing calendar. She has been very professional and has produced high quality work. I appreciate her flexibility in working thru last minute changes in my calendar and travel plans. I have found her easy to work with and very reliable regarding her commitments.
Sterling McCullough
Management Consulting
“I have worked with Jeune now for around a year as a virtual assistant. She has become an integral part of my business, ensuring my newsletters go out every month; submitting articles, and making changes to my web-site. Her knowledge and understanding of 1 shopping cart software has been critical to my marketing plans. She has a great sense of humour, and is a pleasure to work with.”
Shona Garner
Increasing Managerial Success
As a small business trying to come out of the gates, we needed a seasoned professional for site management. Jeune is very knowledgeable and flat out talented. She helped transform our wordpress site and keep it up and running. We are very pleased with the results.
Craig B
Creator of Snugglewings / Park Innovations
Jeune does a very good job with website maintenance. She is also a good teacher when it comes to helping with insertion on a Wordpress Website. I enjoy working with her."
Joyce Sobotta
I have been working with Jeune Taylor at Dynamic Services for ten months and I want to say what a life saver she has been. Initially, I wanted Jeune to help send my weekly newsletter through 1ShoppingCart. I had spent hours trying to figure out how to use the customized template and get it to broadcast to my list. After hours of frustration and no results, I called Jeune. For a reasonable price, she formats and sends my newsletter each week. Five months ago, I needed help migrating my online SAT preparation class to a WordPress membership site. I couldn't have done it without Dynamic Services. Jeune managed the 80 video files, programmed the products in my shopping cart, created the necessary pages on my site, and set-up the entire back-end for membership management. She is quick to respond to questions and consistently went beyond what I asked to improve the look and function of the site. I highly recommend Jeune Taylor and Dynamic Services for anyone who needs a qualified and trustworthily person to help take over the hassle of dealing with the technical elements of WordPress, online commerce, list management, email broadcasts, and website creation. Working with Jeune saves me time and headaches, so I can get back to the part of my business I love (and the part that makes me more profitable!)
Megan Dorsey
“A great asset for any business that is looking for excellent results!” Very professional and focused, as well as patient and courteous. Willing to accept whatever task I threw her way and completed everything ahead of schedule.
Lucy Beal, M.S., NCC
Optimistic Hearts of America
Been using the services of Dynamic Support since 2008. They have been a great asset to our company!
Shyra Smith
Managing Partner / HS3 Enterprises, LLC.
“I've worked with Jeune on several projects both personal and client based. I feel she has a great deal of knowledge to contribute and expertise. I would highly recommend her for any 1ShoppingCart project. I guess that is why she is also known as the 1ShoppingCartDiva. "KUDOS to you, Jeune!"
Diane Hess
Before working with Jeune, I was frustrated and felt lost, needing to put up a site for my upcoming teleseminar, but not having the skill set. After working with Jeune, I had a beautiful site created in the matter of days, and Jeune was very flexible and implemented all my suggested changes with ease and efficiency. Jeune is very pleasant to work with and provided her excellent work at a very reasonable price, and was able to create my site with a quick three day turnaround. I highly recommend working with Jeune and I will send all my friends to her, and I know I will be repeat customer! 😛
Uma Maedke
Really enjoy working with Jeune, she is a true professional and very customer focused.
John M. McKee
Jeune's company ran my website for artisansofvenice.com Very responsive, high value and nice person Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Fred Held
Artisans of Venice
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with Jeune’s support. The difference in my work life with an experienced executive administrative assistant is tremendously improved from where it was a year ago. I appreciate Jeune’s responsiveness and her proactiveness in identifying and handling items for me.
Joni Harris
Jeune is an incredible asset to me. I typically ask her for help in “emergency” situations with little lead time. She is always pleasant and delivers each time.
Glenn Lapidus
Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! I so appreciate the support. Love, Lorelei
Lorelei Robbins
Jeune communicates well and responds right away, even though there is a 3 hour time difference. Thanks!
Katy Redmon
Katy Redmon, CHT / Redmon Hypnotherapy
I am new with WordPress and doing webinars. Jeune has been very helpful in putting the pieces together. When I ask for some help, she does it in a very timely fashion.
Suzanne Carrier
Jeune not only deliver great results, is an expert and works with high integrity, but also is creative, personable and punctual. I am much more than a satisfied customer and highly recommend her if you want a superb website. I promise that you will not be disappointed and will be extremely delighted with the results. Check out her work and talk with her... you will be glad you did !!!
Lordiel Palmer
Celestial Energies
Hi, I've had the pleasure of working with Jeune for several years now. If you are looking for an amazing website guru, search no further. Jeune Taylor, owner of Dynamic Support Services is what you have been looking for. She has kept my site free of issues and running perfectly. She is prompt, knowledgeable and reliable. Visit her at Dynamic Support Services.
Meardis Wells
Visualization Coach at Date Camp TV / The Career Mystic
"I have used Jeune for all my businesses' VA needs and found her to be especially knowledgeable, patient (as it certainly isn't my expertise) and she has saved me a ton of money. I feel very fortunate to have her on my team!"
Judy Cameron
Jeune Taylor was referred to me via a Upod posting I made because I needed help addressing issues with a website/blog remodel "gone bad" . She was extremely easy to work with-- particularly when I was trying to explain the depth and breadth of what I needed to have fixed - which was substantial. I gave her my priorities and told her what I felt the blog was missing. Her estimate was extremely fair and reasonable. I knew that this was going to be a lengthy project but she came in pretty much on the button-- and gave me access to the blog ASAP so that I could be posting on the new blog set-up and not the old one. Whenever I had questions, Jeune had answers and pretty quick ones. When I found tech problems, she addresssed them rapidly. When I gave her specific deadlines I had to make, she worked around it so that I could meet them. Her depth of knowledge is substantial and I find her extremely easy to work with and very affordable. (hard to find these days). I have retained her for maintenance on the site -- that's how happy I am with the work she did. I have happily recommended her to others -- whether blogs or e-commerce, an area in which she is quite skilled based on her sample websites."
Stevie Wilson
"One of the things I love about working with Jeune is that she knows her stuff and can make recommendations on things that may work better. She is also available to connect on the phone, which I find very important as things can always get lost in translation. Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
Lynn McCloskey
LJM Enterprises
Jeune is dependable and quick to respond. I look forward to using her again.
Camille Gaines
Jeune made it so easy to put up a webpage. She had a nice, clean, easy-to-follow design. She worked quickly and the cost was very reasonable. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"
Tami Gulland
Jeune is our Wordpress go-to gal. Whether it's a slow site, a hosting problem, or just another post that needs to be input and formatted, I can rely on Jeune. She has saved us time, money, and (most importantly), the frustration of trouble-shooting technical problems that are beyond our expertise. She's been a welcome member of our team. Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Kate Phillips
“Jeune is wonderful and professional. She is flexible, consistent, genuine and listens to her clients. She provides quality work and is easy to communicate with. Jeune provides an excellent finished product and at a very competitive price. I would recommend her for expertise in web-design and suggestions for layouts and content pertinent to ANY creative endeavor.”
Shantelle Love
Consultant, Coach, Mentor / Process 2 Purpose
Thank you for the excellent Website Maintenance and InfusionSoft Support.
Harriet Tubman Wright
Jeune is a great support to me. I travel extensively as part of my work with a constantly changing schedule. Jeune anticipates my travel needs and proactively takes care of them. Jeune, actively manages my calendar, understanding the appropriate priorities. Jeune also has a good understanding of the larger set of IBMers (cross line of business and Practice Areas) that I routinely engage with and is able to respond appropriately to routine questions that come forward. Jeune is great at increasing her level of understanding of different projects in which I am working so that she can respond to clients appropriately when they call. ……. Jeune is a tremendous asset. … smart, witty.
Shelley Mills-Brinkley
Partner / IBM
“I think the world of Jeune Taylor. She is the perfect partner for the creative, teaching personality because her solid experience in website design and internet marketing makes things happen in a cost effective and very dynamic way. Jeune is not afraid to tell you what she thinks and for this reason I consider her to be a valuable provider.”
Dianne Crampton

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